Hi Girls!

Ok I promised a recap of the advice I received from you all after I put out an SOS on my Instagram Stories…so here it is!

For those of you that didn’t catch it, I have worn lash extensions for the last 5 (?) years straight. I honestly can’t remember when I got my first set..it’s been THAT long. Zero breaks. Crazy right? I just feel so much prettier with them on and I loved that I didn’t have to wear eye makeup. In that sense, they made my look really low fuss which was nice. HOWEVER, now that I have my two girls, I just can’t commit a few hours every three weeks for a fill, not to mention the expense attached. With our new house build I have been trying to really look at my spending and I felt this was an area that was honestly unnecessary (Mama would rather have a built in espresso machine than extensions lol). But by far the biggest reason to ditch the extensions was that my natural lashes are in BAD shape. They are really fine and sparse and are little stubs that grow straight out. There have been a number of times when I even lost a section of my natural lashes completely! Not ideal. I have been dreading removing my extensions completely and going through the painful process of rebuilding my natural lashes, but it was time. SO I DID IT! Yay! It actually feels great but I wanted your opinions on which serum would help to strengthen and rebuild my lashes fast and effectively and what mascara I should be using to try mask the sad state I am currently in. Well, it turns out this has happened to A LOT of you! I can’t believe how many people responded to me saying that lash extensions were really hard on their natural lashes or that they began to develop allergic reactions (this happened to me too). So without further adieu, here is a list of the most popular suggestions:

Serums (to repair and grow thicker, longer lashes)

  • Rodan & Fields LashBoost – This was by far the suggestion I heard most, and I have ordered myself a bottle to try! I will keep you posted on the results! At $150USD per bottle, lets all keep our fingers crossed.. One thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t good for anyone with an allergy to tree nuts.
  • Plume – I love this one because it is made with 100% natural ingredients and they have a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy. I know a few people who have had good success with this and it seems to not cause eye irritation/redness at all. $95CAD per 5mL bottle (You can pick this up at Vanity Vault in Calgary or Prim in Lethbridge)
  • EyEnvy – Sold in salons (I have seen it at Frilly Lily in Calgary). $100 CAD per 3.5mL tube. Again, I know girls who really like this one but I have heard that it can be a bit irritating at first.
  • Latisse – I think that we can all agree that for pure effectiveness, this product works the best. Like, it will undoubtedly grow you some beauty lashes – FAST. This one scares me a bit though since it has potential to change the pigment of the Iris darker (rare, but still..) and can also darken the eyelid where the product is applied. Plus, it is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms so… not a good choice for me right now. This retails for around $200 per bottle and can be purchased from MediSpas or dermatology/plastic surgery offices.

**Each of these products clearly state that it will be weeks to months of consistent use before a noticeable difference is seen. Stick with it!**

Mascara’s (To mask the fact that my lashes look like they just survived some sort of tragic accident)

  • L’Oreal Voluminous – I can’t even believe how many of you suggested this!! There are different types of this that you can buy, “million lash”, “feline noir” etc. I ended up picking up the 2 pack of the original Voluminous plus primer. Its legit amazing. $10 at most drugstores!
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex – You can pick this up from Sephora for $30. It was the second most popular recommendation.
  • YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils – $38 from Sephora
  • e.l.f. minerals – $5 Drugstore brand
  • Senegence – This is made by the same company that makes LipSense, so it could be good! The Lashsense with Undersense (mascara with volcanic ash builder/conditioner) is $27. I order my products from Katie at Love, Laughter and Lipstick by Katie 
  • Seacret – I swear half of Saskatchewan is selling this line right now. I’ve heard amazing things! $36 Here’s a link to shop the products if you are interested!

One suggestion was to try Magnetic Lashes, rather than glued on extensions. Has anyone tried these? I’m worried that with a layer of lash above and a layer below, they might be a little too thick and dramatic for day to day use, but could potentially be an option for a night out! I’m curious…

Ok and lastly, some of my favourite bloggers have been talking a lot about lash lifts and tints. Basically, this amps up your natural lashes and lasts for way longer than extensions (a few months). Depending on the salon, a lift and tint runs around $100. I think I will give this a go after I work on strengthening and lengthening my current lashes.

A huge thank you to all that replied and helped me decide where to start with this. You guys are the best!! I will keep you posted on my progress and results.

Have a great week!

XO Lesley