Hey Girls,

This is a very overdue post, as Sophia is already almost three months old!! Hoooow did that happen so quickly?! Anyway, I wanted to share her birth story with you guys, so here it goes! Sorry, it’s a bit long, but I want to remember every detail 🙂

I had Elle at 37 weeks so I always just figured this babe would come early like her sister. I finished work and as week 38 passed, I was starting to get bored and anxious. I worried that I may have to be induced and I could see my first ever tiny little stretch mark starting at my belly button. If we are being honest, I think that was the real panic at the disco, this child MUST evacuate, moment :). At my doctors appointment that week I measured 2cm dilated but she was quick to inform me that I could be 2cm for weeks. She did a membrane sweep, but mentioned it may not do much the first time. I started walking a lot, drinking raspberry tea, you name it. Still no action. I relegated myself to the fact that babies come when they are ready and tried to relax..and not check the status of that stretch mark 20 times a day..

On March 27, I woke up after a great sleep, feeling really rested. As Brad left to work, I joked that I would call him if I had a baby, he laughed and gave me a thumbs up. Since there were absolutely no signs of labour, neither of us thought it was coming any time soon. Around noon I started to feel a bit of tightening that I thought were some light Braxton Hicks and kept going about my day. Over the next hour, things picked up a bit and started to be more predictable at 10 minutes apart. I was very comfortable and thought baby may arrive in the next few days. I called my parents and told them it may be a false alarm and that I wasn’t sure it was even real labour but to maybe think about how it would work to come up from Lethbridge to watch Ella over the next day or so. I told Brad to not schedule any meetings for the next day.  No rush, no panic. By 2:30, things were getting a bit more intense and frequency had picked up to 6 minutes apart. I called my aunt and put her on standby for Ella duty just in case baby arrived that evening. I called Brad but told him that I was running a bath and was pretty sure that contractions would stop once I got off my feet and relaxed. He asked if he should come home and I said no. I made some calls and texted a few girlfriends, and was feeling good but things weren’t slowing down. I mentioned how close my contractions were to my friend who is a nurse and she told me I needed to call Brad home and go to the hospital. Denial ended. haha. I called Brad and told him we were having a baby that day for sure and to come home fairly soon, though I still didn’t really think there was a huge rush. He finished up a few things at the office and by the time he came home, my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. He took one look at me, rolled up the sleeves to his dress shirt and asked me what he had to do!  I laughed, told him he wasn’t delivering the baby and to roll his sleeves back down lol. I got dressed, we grabbed our bags and headed out around 4pm. Traffic wasn’t great so it took a while to arrive at the Hospital. Brad offered to drop me off at the front doors but I opted to just walk with him from the parking lot. I didn’t really feel like waiting solo at the entrance for him to park.  I had a few contractions on the short walk, and had to keep stopping to breathe. My always chivalrous husband kept looking over his shoulder, embarrassed that he was “that guy” who made his wife walk as people stared haha. We made it upstairs to Labour and Delivery and I was still feeling quite good. We checked into triage and I wasn’t entirely sure that they wouldn’t send me home. A very exuberant medical student came in to greet me. He announced that he had some questions for me to get stared. All of a sudden the contractions started to come hard and fast. He told me he had “all the time in the world and didn’t mind waiting” (which at that point I found slightly annoying)  but the time between contractions was so short that I refused to talk and he started to get nervous and told me he was going to get his boss which made Brad and I chuckle. Poor guy. The OB resident came in, checked me at 8cm and I was whisked away to a delivery suite. You guys, I was STILL convinced that we had a while to go and told everyone not to panic. I did also tell them to page anesthesia. STAT. Like, I wanted that epidural yesterday! After that, I basically asked for anesthesia updates every 30 seconds until he came. Halfway through getting the epidural, I announced that I needed to push. 15 minutes later, at 5:54pm, the most beautiful baby girl, with a head full of dark brown hair and olive skin arrived. She had the cord wrapped around her neck but it wasn’t long before I heard her sweet cry. I think that might be the best sound in the world after labour.

They gave the baby to me right away and we spent the next hour just snuggling, skin to skin. We requested delayed umbilical cord clamping after which Brad cut the cord. I nursed and the nurse didn’t take her to weigh or measure her until much later. I absolutely loved it. I think those few hours after the birth of a baby are so incredibly, incredibly special. You get handed your very own living, breathing miracle. Our sweet Sophia Rose, 7 lbs, 4 oz, 19.5″ of pure joy and true love.

We were lucky enough to get a private room after I had Ella, and we requested one and got it this time around as well (such good luck). That evening my parents brought Ella up to visit and I don’t have words for how special the moment was when she met her sister for the first time. She came marching in with her “Sister” bracelet from the Hospital, in Paw Patrol pyjamas, wearing a toy stethoscope and carrying a puppy purse full of goodies. She was so excited that they had stopped to get me a bouquet of flowers and she had chosen a special balloon for the arrangement. My heart burst 100 times over with pure gratitude for this wonderful little family that Brad and I have been given. She gave Sophia a gentle kiss, climbed into bed next to me, ate all my post delivery snacks off my bedside table and left my sheets full of crumbs. I loved every minute. The next day, Brad brought Sophia and I home and we were greeted by one VERY excited and proud big sister. It was pretty adorable and a moment I will never forget.

I feel so lucky to have had such a fast, easy labour and a healthy baby girl. We are also so grateful to all of our parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who have showered our family with love, support and generosity as we raise our little family. It really DOES take a village, and we have the most amazing tribe surrounding us.

Thank you to Ladidalane Photography for these beautiful photos we had done a few weeks after Sophia was born 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing long weekend and a Happy Canada Day!

ps – my dress is from Anthropologie and on MEGA sale right now and the girls are both wearing dresses from Zara 🙂

XO Lesley