Happy Saturday Everyone!

I have BIG news!! After a reallllly long time searching for the perfect property, Brad and I have purchased a lot in Calgary and will be building our new home this year! We finally found a spot that feels perfect for raising our growing family and I am estactic for this project to begin! So far, my blog has been mostly about fashion and motherhood, two things I really enjoy, but home design is truly my passion and I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Building can be really overwhelming so we are going to start by gathering some ideas and meeting vendors at the Calgary Home and Garden Show March 2-5 and I am so excited to be doing an awesome GIVEAWAY with the Home Show and HGTV designer Tiffany Pratt that you guys need to check out! Tiffany will be on stage presenting “The Rainbow Connection: Fearlessly Bringing Color Into Your Home & Life” Friday March 3 at 3pm and Saturday March 4 at 1pm. If you know me, you know that I need a little “nudge” to add color into my designs haha. I do love me some cream and grey, so I will be there checking this out for sure! We thought it would be fun to interview Tiffany and share with you some great tips for building, renovating or redecorating your home!

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you get into this business, where are you based and where are you originally from?

TP: Straight out of the womb I have been a creative. For as long as I can remember, creating, making and designing has been my language. I have always followed my curiosity and my love for beauty, textures, colours and shapes. I feel very grateful to be a designer, author and overall maker! Being called HGTV’s most vibrant interior designer is also pretty swell! I just adore what I do and being able to make people happy and create beauty is a true honour for me.

I was born in America and raised in Canada. I’m happy to now call Toronto home and it’s thrilling to be surrounded by multiculturalism and creative beings!

Will this be your first time appearing at a home show in Calgary? What are you looking forward to in this appearance?

TP: This will be my first time appearing at the Home Show in Calgary! YAY! But I’ve been to Calgary before and remember so many of the sweet and kind people in the city. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new kind souls!

What will you be discussing at this show?

TP: I’ll be sharing a very personal story about my true ‘Rainbow Connection’. And give audiences the real story of my connection to colours, rainbows and why I feel injecting colour into your life is so healing and transformative. I will be sharing how to fearlessly bring a bright range of colours into your life and home and how easy and accessible this colourful way of life can be! Get ready for a little spectrum of inspiration!

What influences your style? How would you describe your style?

TP: I would describe my style as a curated collage, filled with small and large choices that both reflect the soul of the person or place that I am creating for. I see myself as a creative medium bringing through the dreams and visual ideals of those that I work with.

How did you get into TV, and what is your favourite aspect of doing a TV show?

TP: I was running an art studio when a TV crew asked to use my space for a live broadcast. After that, producers on CBC’s Steven and Chris approached to ask if I would be a regular guest on their show. Things snowballed after that and the rest is history! My favourite part about working on a show is bringing light and joyful laughter to the set. I really love having fun and making TV that is lighthearted and easy to watch! I have been doing TV now for about 8 years and I truly love it.

Tell us about Home To Win? What is your participation in this ensemble show?

TP: Home to Win is a show where a collection of HGTV Canada network stars come together and pool their skills to build a dream home for one lucky Canadian to win. I am on of the designers on the show and it is truly a honour and a pleasure to be on this cast!

What’s your first step in designing a home?

TP: The first step I take when designing a space is learning how my clients plan to live and function within the four walls. Knowing what they have and want to include is also hugely helpful. Good design comes from great function and flow. If you live an organized life where everything has a place, beauty can be infused into the nooks and crannies so you are surrounded by things that make you feel at home.

What should people always remember in decorating their home?

TP: Have fun! Forget the rules and what your friends may have done in their home! Your space is your own and should be a reflection of who you are and how you want to live! Follow what you love and enjoy the process! It is not a race!

With the economy as it is in Calgary, what’s your top advise for people who want to renovate or redecorate their home and remain on budget?

TP: Paint is the most transformational and inexpensive way to refresh and redecorate your home. Once you have a new coat of paint on walls, or objects, you can get to the business of frosting. I do not believe you have to overhaul your whole life to make things feel new! Move things around! Paint it up! A newly renovated space is just a few brush strokes away!

I want to thank Tiffany for this interview, and for participating in the giveaway! Here are the deets!

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