Dress (Same dress, different color)

Hi All!

I hope you had a great weekend enjoying the sunshine! It was baby shower central for me this weekend. I attended one on Saturday and I hosted on Sunday! It is so wonderful to see friends and family welcoming these new beautiful little souls into their lives. There is no better feeling than becoming a mama and my heart was so full seeing a room full of happy people celebrating these perfect bundles. Also, I was so impressed by how calm and cool these new Moms were! Anxious Annie here would have been sweating from my upper lip (ya, it’s cute) if my babe fussed or cried at all, but these ladies didn’t skip a beat.

This Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply wrap dress is so pretty and light. I originally bought it for a trip to Hawaii but it has become a favorite and is perfect for wedding/baby showers or a dinner date with my hubs. I love that it is machine washable and so easy to throw in a suitcase. Oh and I loooove the color red. It can be a tricky because it’s so bold, but a pattern like this floral can help soften it up a bit. Sometimes it’s nice to toss the neutrals aside for more of a fun statement piece. If red isn’t your jam, I have seen some gorgeous pink and blue pastel versions of this dress that would be lovely too. I couldn’t find the red one online, but I linked the exact same dress in a cream color which is gorgeous.

We ended the weekend with a walk to the park where Ella ran for miles, watched the ducks swim in the canal and befriended the other kids and neighborhood dogs out for a walk. I love standing back and watching her explore without having too many rules. It’s so relaxing and fun.

Stay tuned for a wrap up of the baby shower I hosted complete with a couple yummy recipes!!

XO Lesley