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I’ve realized during my short time as a parent that despite your best efforts, you win some, you lose some. The good news for us is that we have a generally very happy, hilarious, incredibly loving little girl. The bad news? She gets up at 5am. Every. Day. There was a time, not too long ago, that I would have killed to have my baby sleep 10-11 hours straight each night. I would hear other parents complaining about minor sleep issues like early wake ups and have to excuse myself so I didn’t say something like ‘”ummm ya, I haven’t slept through the night in 6 months and my kid doesn’t nap soooo I’m pretty sure I win”. To all you parents in that stage, sorry! Don’t delete my Instagram. I remember where you are (except, I don’t really.. I think it’s a clever amnesiac effect our bodies use so we want more kids).  It’s just that sometimes I wonder how it would feel to wake up after the sun…

Well, my Christmas miracle came in the form of a Nana and Grandma that woke up early with our busy little lady so we could catch up on some Z’s. Can I get an Amen? Yes, we know how lucky we are.  And yes, we appreciate every minute of support our families give us.  It truly does take a village. Spending such precious time as a little family, with our bigger families, made this the most special and memorable Christmas yet.  Watching Ella begin to understand the magic of Christmas made my heart melt and we did so many fun things over the holidays to soak it all in.  We snow shoed, cross country skied, took Ella on endless sled rides and wound down with family movies, games and so many laughs. The best. If it wasn’t for the minor detail of logging 16 plus hours driving in a car with a toddler.. Let’s just say that this “little to no screen time” Mom found some Apps and a movie and figured out the guided access feature on her iPad  🙂

I truly hope that you all had wonderful holidays shared with loved ones, celebrating the true meaning of the season.


PS – These AMAZING trails were up near Edson.  Unbelievably gorgeous and we had them all to ourselves!